This post contains a checklist only. It assumes the reader has familiarity with the Spiral Model of Software Development.

Six Invariants

The spiral model recommends six invariants to include in every cycle through the spiral. If you are not following this six, then you are not strictly speaking using the Spiral model.

Define Artifacts Concurrently


Perform Four Basic Activities

  • Write down the names of the success-critical stakeholders.
  • Write down the win conditions for the stakeholders.
  • Brainstorm alternative approaches for satisfying the win conditions.
  • Write down the pros, cons, and risks of at least three of those alternatives.
  • Select one or more approaches and write down the plan to resolve the risks.
  • Obtain approval and commitment from the stakeholders.

Determine Effort Levels by Risk


Determine Level-of-Detail by Risk


Use Anchor Point Milestones


Focus on the System and Its Lifecycle