Answering some questions from a new BCIT Software Systems Developer graduate.

I attended the BCIT software systems developer program. Sometimes new graduates email me to ask questions. Here are three that came recently about being a freelance software developer.

You've been very fulfilled over your free lifestyle?

Yes. I have found my lifestyle fulfilling.

How did you go about starting to work right out of SSD?

Out of the SSD program, I used resumes and cover letters to apply for job postings. I also followed steps from What Color is Your Parachute. Further, I gave some presentations in the technical community both to software professionals and to laypersons.

Is there anything that you recommend to fill out my education?

Here are some (non-comprehensive) things that I did to fill out my education:

  1. Microsoft Learning Certifications. There certifications were quite good. I have not taken one for a while, though.

  2. StackOverflow Contributions. Answering questions there helped me to learn how to communicate technical ideas and to do practical research.

  3. Project Euler Puzzles. While these do not give you the resume padding of the prior two points, they definitely help to learn about programming.

  4. Khan Academy Algorithms. This was a good learning experience for Algorithms. We didn't learn much about them in SSD.

  5. Assertiveness Training. Having some training in how to stand up for yourself and express your ideas is vital (unless your parents were uncommonly good at this).