We have a project with 72 files. ReSharper takes too many minutes to load.

Exclude all the projects! Run this PowerShell script. Paste its output into your *.DotSettings or *.DotSettings.User file.

dir -Exclude node_modules *.csproj -Recurse | select -ExpandProperty BaseName | % { '<s:Boolean x:Key="/Default/Housekeeping/ExcludedProjects/ProjectMasksToIgnore/=' + $_ + '_002Ecsproj/@EntryIndexedValue">True</s:Boolean>' } 

Validate that it worked. Visual Studio > ReSharper > Code Inspection > Settings > Projects to Ignore. All your projects will be listed there.

Enable Specific Projects. The upshot of this method is that we can enable specific projects by removing them from the list.