BigFont provides time estimates for the amount of time a task will take. Even for small tasks, we require at least an hour to analyze the task, clarify the task with the client, and then develop the estimate.

BigFont does participate in certain kinds of team-based estimation including:

  1. Poker-style story point estimation. A story point is a number that indicates the difficulty of a task. It's important to note that "Story points do not relate to hours. So lets just not compare them..." ~ What is a story point.
  2. Estimation by walk-thru. This is a two step process whereby first, each team member estimates a piece of the story individually, and then the team has a walk-thru meeting to compare and talk about the estimates ~ Rapid Development.

BigFont does not provide off-the-cuff time estimates for tasks we do not understand.

BigFont is also able to provide other sorts of estimates, provided we have received training in how to provide them with integrity.