I bought a Pilates reformer in early 2021. After four months of experimenting with it, I am looking for online resources. Here are some that I've found useful.

June 2021

John Garey TV, Beginner Reformer Shoulders and Arms, https://youtu.be/UsZmaCyA2vk. Done. This felt satisfying.

Pilates Beginner Reformer WORKOUT with Kathi Ross Nash, https://youtu.be/pvMN4qKSvdM. Not done. Looked good, though.

Reformer for Neck Pain, https://pilatesology.com/classes/reformer-for-neck-pain/. Partly done. I thought this was for improving neck pain, but it seems more for doing Pilates without aggravating neck pain.

Beginner Reformer Progression INTRO, Alisa Wyatt,   https://pilatesology.com/classes/beginner-reformer-progression/. Done. Excellent pacing and instruction!