git branch --sort=creatordate --sort=committername --format "%(align:20) %(creatordate:relative) %(end) %(align:25) %(committername) %(end) %(refname:lstrip=-1)"


  • To list only remote branches, use the --remote flag.
  • To list all branches, use the --all flag.
  • To see the most up to date list, run these first:
git pull
git remote prune origin

The output is a sorted layout with creation date, author, and branch name.

 6 weeks ago        Carl Rogers      add-the-nature-of-relationships
 3 weeks ago        Carl Rogers      posit-impact-of-positive-regard
 12 days ago        BF Skinner       implement-skinner-box
 7 days ago         BF Skinner       establish-that-only-behavior-matters
 32 minutes ago     Alfred Adler     prove-freud-wrong-again
 2 weeks ago        Fritz Perls      note-the-nature-of-direct-experience

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