Someone recently asked me that, as a software developer and not a professional magician, how do I practice my performances? This is my answer turned into a blog post.

I practice my performances by filming them from start to finish, uploading the result to a YouTube unlisted video, and sharing that video on [the forum shall remain secret]. I find that helpful for turning a collection of tricks into a routine with a loose script. It also provides the equivalent of public speaking exposure, especially if I tell myself, "Today, I am filming a show and putting it on the the forum." And then I do the two most important things: 1. I do not stop the camera until my show is complete and 2. I upload the video to the forum regardless of how terrible I think it is.

Public speaking remains a difficulty of mine; the only approach that has worked for me is to expose myself regularly to it whilst accepting the anxiety. Uploading videos to the forum turns out to be a good exposure exercise. Also, I practice my sleight-of-hand in public at local coffee shops. That too is an exposure of sorts. If someone happens to ask me what I am doing, I tell them that I am practicing card tricks, because I am an amateur magician. If the person asks me to show them something, then I do so; that's even more exposure. The exposure adds up to a fair amount of confidence when it comes time to perform for a paying audience.