is a technology and web solutions provider. Our clients vary among local residents through to small and medium-sized businesses anywhere. provides the following products & services:

  • rich internet applications;
  • business software;
  • e-book publishing;
  • website development; and
  • technical support.

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In 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Shaun Luttin, principal and technology lead at BigFont, received Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award. He is also the recipient of the 2016 Web Not War Award for Open Source contributions.

We are recipients of the Microsoft MVP Award.

BigFont predominantly provides professional consulting services for corporations. These have included IslandSavings, BuildDirect, Country Grocer, RESAAS, and iQmetrix.

For details on our corporate clients our LinkedIn profile.

We also provide services for small- and medium-sized business. For instance, we built the following websites and manage their hosting, DNS, and ongoing maintenance.

This is a content management system for LRJ Global Ventures Group.

A simple, fast, responsive, brochure-style website, using ASP.NET Web Pages and Bootstrap, hosted in a Windows Azure Website, hand coded in Visual Studio, and version controlled in GitHub.

Created and themed a simple, responsive Orchard CMS.

Integrated DropBox into a clean, responsive, and custom content management system.

The under-construction Pet Portraitures website.

Renovated the existing website to make it both responsive and easy for the client to edit.

Designed and created a responsive, multi-page, media-rich website to market the business.

Modernized the existing by moving its content into a new, responsive content management system.

AngularJS and Bootstrap on the client with SQL Server, MVC.NET and C# hosted in Windows Azure.

Created a simple, responsive blog to answer client questions and to explore computer programming.

We are grateful for the support:
of the Microsoft Biz Spark program.